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  1. Ndn says:

    Won a free box of minute rice!!

  2. yxe306 says:

    Just won the Booster Juice weekly draw, now entered to win trip to NY for Survivor Caramoan finale!! Never win anything so I am super excited about this. Thanks, great website!

  3. christineross says:

    I won a $1200 Dishwasher from a contest on this site! All is cost me was a newsletter sign up!! YAY!

  4. ginam1234 says:

    Won one of the single serve blenders on the Europes Best contest! It something small but still feels great to win something!

  5. says:

    My first win – it wasn’t a big one but it was fun to win something. 2 Tickets to a wellness show and a collection of organic makeup. I got a telephone call from the organization giving the prizes. CTV. I get so much junk email so I was happy they phoned. Whoohoo can’t wait for the next prize.

  6. Shannonbewick says:

    I won a trip for 2 to Colorado!

  7. edemom says:

    I won a GoPro Hero 3 Camera Limited White Edition from Tensor/3M Canada!!!!!

  8. chilli2011 says:

    How do you know if you have won or not? If the date comes up and you dont get an email or phone call does that mean you didn’t win? Some contests dont ask for my phone number so if i won would they email me telling me? Sorry for all the questions but just curious lol would love an answer back asap. Thanks.

  9. sheilamoore says:

    Just won a Apple ipad!!! They sent a e=mail.

  10. Scam says:

    Why are there only 3 pages of contests??  There use to be 20 or so.  I know that there are more because the Dose website still has contests and it is no longer on this website.

  11. HERPRIZE says:

    I won my first real prize today two tickets to MAMA movie..
    So it’s a start the prize came in an email notification that said Vancouver winner!!!

  12. HERPRIZE says:

    I got a call saying I won the FLORIDA DISNEY TRIP and she told me 15 minutes of details…I was so excited until she asked me for my credit card and 500 dollars………I said no she told me she would send me a travel schedule to my email within 5 minutes it still hasnt come…… I am tricked and feel dissapointed ………A REAL WINNER should not have to pay anything……..can someone tell me how they notify with legitimate contests>> Mail, email or phone, or registered mail….
    I enter everyday and I am still hopeful for a REAL CONTEST WIN

    • catherine63 says:

      Any organization who asks for money is a SCAM.  Ligitimate contests do not require a cost unless it is a trip that you may have to pay for your own transportation to the airport, food, taxes and gratuities.  Do not send or give your credit card number to anyone who calls you on the phone or emails.  Keep entering you are bound to win something.  Good Luck!!

    • VanessaCowen says:

      I was called by a Napa Reprsentative when I won a Toolbox and Tools.

  13. catherine63 says:

    I won the Country Style & Tetley Tea promotion a trip for 2 to London England.  I also won the Malibu Rum Quizzer 1 Apple Gift card $1000.

    • HERPRIZE says:


      • catherine63 says:

        I received a phone call from Country Style headquarters.  When I won the apple gift card an email was received from Malibu Rum. 
        I have also received phone calls stating “you won a cruise”  the call starts out as a recording which I know is not legitimate.  All legitimate winnings are not phone recordings but an actual person from the contest sponsor. 

  14. edemom says:

    Just won a $25 Canadian Tire gift card!

  15. lisarox1010 says:

    I won a Clos Du Bois Makeup Gift Bag From FashionETC ! 😀

  16. Mrsass2010 says:

    I won the Alicia Keys “Girl On Fire” trip for 2 weekend in New York/$500.00 spending money :)

  17. aliciagsmith says:

    I won a 500.00 Vakken Scarf a few days ago!!! SO EXCITED!!!!
    From the Redken facebook contest!

  18. joel.j says:

    I just got a call today saying that i have won a trip for 2 to the bahamas. i had to fill out a quick servay and it said that i will get a call back in the next 24 to 48 hours!!!!! can anyone help me by confirming this to be real and tell me of the experience they have had? 

  19. sophiestar21 says:

    How do u no u won

  20. shannie33 says:

    Won two tickets to Mother Mother’s sold out show in Edmonton :)

  21. stzigeris says:

    I just won four (4) tickets to the advance screening of Rise of the Guardians in 3D!! I’ve been entering contests for a few weeks and am addicted!!
    For those of you yet to win, be sure to check out this website’s “Tips for entering contests”
    Good Luck everyone!!

  22. says:

    Just won 2 tickets to see Robin Williams in Toronto!!!

  23. gomer pile says:

    wooo hoo won an ipad3 32gb form toyo tires!

  24. edemom says:

    Won a Wood Wallet from Proof

  25. omarquazi says:

    how do you know if you won?

  26. jlovin91 says:

    I won tickets to see The Rock Of Ages Musical!

  27. mirtoad says:

    I wanna win!

  28. Ndn says:

    Just won a $300 skincare gift basket.

  29. jsandhu says:

    Hey Everyone!!
    I just started entering for contests. Which contests are the easiest too win??

  30. dillenger says:

    I won a slingbox hd-pro! :) First win… on my first day as a member of this  site!

  31. jlapaire says:

    I just won an Xbox!

  32. sheilamoore says:

    So Far won .25 canadian diamond/gold studs….beautiful and 100 dollar amazon gift card and a Shiseido product!!!

  33. Melodee Robinson says:

    I just won the Grand Prize in the Heart & Stroke Foundation Time to Start Contest for Saskatchewan. It is $1000 in Grocery Certificates to a Canadian Grocery Store. I enter contests on this size on a fairly regular basis and it is definitely worth it

  34. rblunden says:

    I won an underwater camera from biore! So excited, I can use it on my trip to Australia (didt win the trip, I wish!)

  35. stephi0330 says:

    I’ve been entering these contest for 2 days now, and I won free tickets to see a movie!  Off to a good start!

  36. says:


  37. mostert says:

    I just won a 4 day all paid trip to Montreal.  In the past I won concert tickets also

  38. tomgirlbc says:

    I won the 100 dollar Tim Hortons gift card, I was so happy to win for lots of reasons but my son is going to Toronto to visit his sister for a few weeks and i was short on cash so that is one thing I am sending even though I would love to use it myself, its helping me out and my son and daughter both love Tim’s so all in all its awesome, thanks so much and I won it here on #win-free-stuff

  39. peaceandlove says:

    first win was a bottle of madonna’s new perfume “truth or dare” (worth $65), not a bad way to start, but i am hoping i still have some luck in me for the big grand prizes :)

  40. edemom says:

    I won an 11 punch pass for our local golf courses ($440) good until the end of 2012.  Since I don’t golf I sold it for $400.

  41. says:

    today I received my prize from sunny d thank you, got a camera, movie pass and itunes gift card :)

  42. Drimis says:

    Well, I spent maybe an hour a day for about 5 days entering almost any contest I was eligible to. Got bored after that, and stopped. Then got an e-mail saying I was one of 10 Grand Prize winners in one of the contests! Lol, it was only $50 worth of salami, but the fact that there were only 10 winners and I was one of them really encourages me to keep entering contests! One day it could be 1 of 10 iPads!
    Oh, and I almost missed the claiming of the prize, as the e-mail was 6 days old in my inbox when I noticed it. So it’s very important to KEEP CHECKING YOUR E-MAIL! (Just unsubscribe to any unwanted e-mails you start getting – ‘Unsubscribe’ is usually at the bottom).

  43. gwilson says:

    I won again!! Can’t believe it. Family’s Eggo Waffles Contest.
     One (1) Wii™ system
     One (1) uDraw Studio Game Tablet
     One (1) Pictionary uDraw
    Approximate Retail Value $309.97 CDN.

  44. allister.g says:

    Won two more movie passes! Dark shadows and Chernobyl Diaries! I want to win a trip now!

  45. DylonWalker says:

    i bet ill win

  46. lisarox1010 says:

    I won a corona T-Shirt on the May-2-4 Countdown Instant Win. on Facebook …. not really much but its a start ! :)

    • lisarox1010 says:

      OH! and i won 10.00 Cash on… it’s not a contest but they do have sweeps and you can win money playing games. so it’s pretty awsome :) 

  47. jamiescontests says:

    I’ve been contesting since the beginning of March and just found out about my first win, a Mediterranean Cruise Vacation for two!

  48. allister.g says:

    I won movie tickets to g see the Raven… worst movie ever! But alas, it is still a win! :D!

  49. edemom says:

    I won a huge easter basket for my daughter – complete with delivery by an “easter bunny” on the Thursday before Easter.  She was thrilled!

  50. eedwar says:

    I have never won anything before and with no confidence I entered a few contests for fun on this site in Oct 2011. One month later I got a call informing me I won a 5 night trip for 2 to Vegas. So don’t give up. You never know.

  51. Happygirl2920 says:

    Me neither haven’t won anything yet but still entering faithfully. If you don’t enter you can’t win!

  52. says:

    I have benn entering for about 3 months now and got 1 win under my belt as of today lucky friday the 13th :) Sunny d sent me an e-mail comfirming I will receive 1of3 prizes in the mail in the next 4-6 weeks. THANK YOU VERY EXCITED

  53. karenchiro says:

    has been entering contests fairly regularly since december 2011 and havent won anything yet. getting pretty frustrated… words of encouragement please!

  54. Determination says:

    I won Nothing :( I enter contests all the time on this site and still nothing :(Congratulations to everyone who won.

  55. skellig19 says:

    I was just starting to  think about how I’ve entered so many contests and never even come close to winning until I got an email. I ended up being 1 of 10 finalists in a chance to win a car. I didn’t ulitmately win, unfortunately, but it has given me hope. Just keep entering! Don’t be discouraged. It can’t hurt to enter these contests, it’s not like they cost money, and you might just win something cool. I won’t say good luck, because, honestly, I don’t want anyone else to win but me! Ha ha ha.

  56. sisterslipknot says:

    I just won a family pass to see Disney on Ice. I can’t wait to take my son! :)

  57. donnam360 says:

    I won the 2011 House and Home Makeovers Contest Presented By LG the draw was Dec 31, 2011.
    I won $10,000.00 in LG Appliances and $5500.00 worth of other items. This was my third win, first big one. I started entering contests in August 2011. Still entering contests however I haven’t won anything since. Have to keep trying!!

  58. says:

    never won anything……

  59. Michelet says:

    My sister won a trip to see the Black Eyed Peas 2 years ago and I have been hooked ever since on entering contests. My luck finally paid off the week before Christmas I won the trip for 4 to Orlando Universal Studios through Wonderlist! woo foo

  60. Celestial1 says:

    I recently won a $50 Fruits and Passion gift card  through Wannawin. 
    Has anybody ever had to do the skill testing question to win their prize?  If so, was the question easy to do? Good luck all!!

  61. VanessaCowen says:

    I just found this site and started entering and won a $2000 Tool chest with tools from Napa!! :)

  62. Nikhot24 says:

    I have not won a thing and I have been entering these contests for about 9 months now.
    I’m starting to wonder if you ever win anything?????????????

  63. lisaski says:

    I won an I-pod touch and a “Barbie” prize pack.  Just in time for the holidays – thanks Santa!!!

  64. lakai97 says:

    how do u know if u won anything?
    to join u just press the enter button right ?

  65. krrista says:

    won a Samsung Galaxy Apollo from Telus! It’s my first win, so excited!

  66. jlou says:

    I really wondered if I would ever win anything but today I was notified that I had won a $20 gift card from Esso sponsored by Wannawin so I am quite excited.   Maybe my luck is changing???

  67. tgibson16 says:

    I’ve not won anything.  What am I doing wrong?

  68. Win_Adam_Win says:

    Lucky month???
    I won $50 dollars through BC Lottery website…
    And, I won $5000 dollars through a bank contest!
    Now, I just need to win $50,000 or $500,000… ha!
    Good luck everyone: you can’t win if you don’t play!

  69. jaimiez says:

    I won a $100 gift card to Crate and Barrel!!!!

  70. Happyjacks says:

    Been doing this for 2 months and won 25 air miles from an instant win on National Car Rental. Got an email this morning saying I won the weekly draw of 5000 air miles. If you believe filling out these contests are a waste of time take it from the biggest skeptic you’ll ever know. Thank You win free stuff

  71. monthemonkey says:

    why dont i get to win anything!? ive been trying for like a year! :'(

  72. cecilecorliss says:

    This site didnt ask for my phone number so how to they call??

  73. CeeDawn says:

    i wish to win something already ive been on here for a month entering but nothing yet :(((((((

  74. jillfunk says:

    I’ve been entering local contests for about two months now, and so far have won about five passes to movie screenings, Toronto Argos tickets, Bridesmaids on DVD, Toronto Blue Jays new era baseball hat, honda backpack, ballet tickets, and a $30 gift card to sport chek. can’t wait to win more!

  75. carolyng4 says:

    Hi Everyone! 
    Just started back into this after about a four year hiatus!  Hoping to be able to post soon about the wins!!  Good luck!

  76. Ndn says:

    Arrived by Purolator yesterday, a Toronto Blue Jays MLB Authentic Collection Cap!! Won it through Cap Off the Season contest.

  77. rmk700 says:

    I just started entering last month and have won $500.00 dollars in a spa giveaway contest!

  78. parizi says:

    Cant wait to win something sometime!!!

  79. totamealion says:

    HAs anyone ever had any problems with releasing there info? I just won an instant win prize with the Lamb’s contest and they want me to send a copy of photo ID just want to know if that’s a normal proceedure or not?

  80. gwilson says:

    I won a daily prize from Rickys All Day Grill….a KOBO ereader. My daughter’s going to love it!                                                                                                                                                          

  81. Daniellercast says:

    How do we know the difference between the scams and a REAL win?

  82. grimmreefer says:

    hey everyone, im a newby at this contest stuff. started in this past summer for a few weeks, then stopped…. just got a phone call last friday that i won a trip for two to see Cirque de Soliel in PARIS!!!!!!!!! WOW airfare, hotel, breakfast, two VIP passes to Cirque de Soliel Corteo,two tickets to Lido cabaret, luxury door-to-door transfers, two open tour cards for two days in Paris, travel insurance AND……… yes there is an AND………. 500 dollars cash… holly !*&%!!!!!!

    • justinemaria says:

      wow! I can’t believe this! i would die of happiness if this happened to me. I’ve been addicted to entering contests for the last couple of weeks. I hope i win a trip because i’ve never been out of ontario:(

    • Congratulations!  Do you know who ran the competition?

      • grimmreefer says:

        the contest was put on by Desjardins Financial Security

        • townhousefamily says:

          Congratulations!  That’s amazing!

          • McKShr6 says:

            I just got back from my 4 day trip to Paris to see Cirque de Soleil. We were treated royally, picked up at the airport by driver and luxury vehicle, stayed at Intercontinental Le Grand, you should choose  this hotel if you can it was luxurious and the free buffet breakfast at Cafe la Paix was to die for. It was walking distance to shopping and many tourist attractions. This was my first win as well, I just started entering contests last June and was ready to give up. I entered the Desjardins contest from this website.

  83. Erinsmommy says:

    Four years ago I started contesting every day faithfully and it did pay off. My first big win was a front loading washer & dryer from a Sunlight contest and it was a daily one and I filled out the entry for about three months straight, I was hooked then ! Next a year after that came a 7pc patio set with a 6ft propane outdoor heater and a huge BBQ that I still haven’t opened yet from a contest through an Atlantic Super Store, another daily one. My sister n law and I both entered a one time contest for a car and she won.. contest was just for Canadians too, and we both live in NB so she was pretty lucky to win it. I have won many more little things too, I had so much stuff being shipped here at one point I think the mailman thought something was up ! lol I dropped out of doing contests about a year ago because I spent my whole evening going over contests and searching, I only enter one time entries unless it something that I really want to win and if it’s daily I’ll faithfully do it everyday. More then half that I’ve won have been one time contests…. I’ve got the contesting bug back and I’m at it again, started 4 days ago. Just wanted to wish everyone good luck on any contests you enter and never give up even if you think it’s been forever til a win, it might just be tomorrow !! Remember you can’t win if you don’t enter !!

  84. janmomof5 says:

    Hi everyone, i just started comping today!  love to win something for my kids :) good luck everyone!

  85. edemom says:

    Won a cd and tank top from The Envy

  86. McKShr6 says:

    I have been entering contests online for approx. 6 months, I was hoping for even a small win. Last Thursday I got a telephone call saying I had won a trip for 2 to Paris valued at $7500. So it does work I was getting discouraged that I hadn’t won anything.

  87. paulcross says:

    just wondering if most places contact you if you win. Do i have to check back to 100 sites to findout?

  88. jaimiez says:

    I am still waiting to win :( 

  89. Daniellercast says:

    winners* 😉

  90. Daniellercast says:

    I hope i win! Anyone win anything? I keep reading disappointed or hopeful comments, where are the winne?? :)

  91. jess_epn says:

    I want to win something :( 

  92. virtualsadie says:

    Hello I haven’t yet won but am gearing up to expect one soon I hope. Just started about a month ago to enter some contests on line.
    I do want to WARN everyone of a company scam. Some of you may know about it, but I wanted to say so anyway.  The company is called GLOBAL FINANCIAL and they advertise big win trip prizes like to Disney in Florida and on cruises.  SCAM SCAM SCAM
    There are numerous websites complaining about  them and reports of fraud.
    I received a call from them today demanding very personal financial information and credit card information.  It’s  a call centre and the calls are routed all over the place, hard to hear them even. 
    I have emailed DISNEY as they use their name in the contest. Poor Disney.

    • Thank you for letting us know about them.  We have removed the contest from the site.  Let us know if you ever see them or others like them on Win Free Stuff.

      Thanks again,

      Win Free Stuff

      • virtualsadie says:

        You are welcome
        I would hate to see anyone taken by a scam like that it can ruin your financial situation and sounds like maybe identity theft as well.

        • am-parker says:

          i remember entering that contest awhile ago and they kept calling me and asking for my credit card info, ii seemed alittle fishy.  but they kept calling, finally my husband started answering the phone telling them i wasn’t there and thestill they kept calling but finally they stopped calling when my husband yelled at them.

  93. says:

    I’ve just begun contesting a couple of weeks ago and already won! Last week I won a pass for two to a pre screening of a new movie and a copy of the book. 

  94. jlovin91 says:

    I started entering contests on this site about 6 month ago and I have won 4 contests so far… does work and is legit!!

  95. alissapoulin says:

    Yeah! I recently got back in to contesting – bout 2 months now. I finally won my first prize ever…..a $50 gift certificate to The Sunglass Hut.
    I have to say – keep entering – you CAN win. And I am (was) the BIGGEST skeptic alive. I am now sooooooooo hooked.
    Thanks to for the prize

  96. jhmac says:

    My wife won a $2500 4 day trip to Rome through work. She is not able to go because the trip date is set in stone and she will be 33 weeks pregnant. Just because you win… doesn’t mean you can go. :(

  97. jjjlindsey says:

    I do this every day and have not won anything i wonder if its bull crap!

    • summerluvin_ca says:

      You are only one of thousands of people that probably use this site as well as others, to try to win prizes. You will win something at some point…however you must not think that you will win everything that you entered. I’ve also been doing it every day as well, but i’m not going to be discouraged because it isn’t a job, have fun! that is the whole point with contests/sweeps. if you lose sight of that you may as well give up. Good Luck to you.

  98. ms_smiley says:

    HOW DO I ENTER CONTESTS???!?!?!?!?!???!!!!

  99. kfacey says:

    *sorry…enter :)

  100. kfacey says:


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