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  1. Happygirl2920 says:

    if I didnt have bad luck I’d have no luck at all…2 years entering everything and not one win

  2. Ndn says:

    Received my voucher for my free lindt chocolate bar.

  3. sandycheeks says:

    So far I won a free bag of cat treats, an Excel gum plushie, sneakers, 2 books, and a FitBit. Keep entering

  4. musicollector says:

    This is not through this site, but I have won more than a dozen times on the radio and in raffles. In raffles, I won a trip for two to Vegas once, a bag of money another time, an antique radio at another. But the biggest win was in 1988 when I won a Cadillac Allante convertible worth $85,000. And, it did not cost me even a red cent to enter. It was the Club Z contest when Zellers gave away two cars across Canada. I won the grand prize. The contest ran for 6 months. The very last day of it, I suddenly remembered on the eay back from church. So, I went into a store and filled out 5 entries. Whew – almost did not make it! Needless to say, I garaged it for 6 months while trying to sell it (drove it only to the car wash and to fill gas a few times) and finally sold it. Invested the proceeds and have quadrupled it. Hope that luck keeps going…

  5. Darien14 says:

    How do you enter

  6. bonkeehill says:

    Since  2014 I have won $100 in lottery tickets from Virgin Radio, 10 free dinners at The Mandarin ($300 value), a $50 gift card for Northern Reflections, a $500 voucher for flooring, 50,000 Shoppers Optimum Points, and a trip for two  to Oregon!!

  7. vicrine says:

    Since my last win of a trip, I have won two more trips!!!!!  I have won these ones from local radio stations.  I make sure the times to call are in my phone (give myself a five minute reminder) and get two phones going and I don’t let a busy signal deter me!  I don’t let it beep twice, I quickly hang up and keep redialing.  I don’t use a redial app, to me that is not entirely honest, but that’s just me.  
    Boom 97.3: Won one of the 12 Days of Tripmas to Royalton Riveria Cancun, trip for two!
    99.9 Virgin Radio: Won trip for two to Playa Coco, Cayo Coco, Cuba!
    Good luck everyone!

  8. lerouxkat says:

    Hi there,
    I havent won anything yet, I am new to this and was wondering how do we enter any contest. 

  9. VanessaCowen says:

    I just won an Oreo Glass too! :)

  10. Bets22 says:

    Hi, I just won an Oreo Stanley Cup glass :-)  

  11. spjohnson says:

    I have won a digital meat themometer from Canada Beef ($13.50).  Not a big win but feels good all the same.  Been entering contests from this site since Aug/2013.  Didn’t know I had won, the postman just dropped it off.

  12. k.richter says:

    I won tickets to see an advanced screening of Need For Speed

  13. ivorytears says:

    In January 2014 I won $1000 shell gift card and 50,000 airmiles from American Express.

  14. jenbunny says:

    I won a $25 girft card to KFC. Been entering contests for 2 years.
    To answer some of the questions on here.. Winners are always contatced either via email phone or mail. You will never be asked to pay anything to recieve a prize any request for money from you means contest was a fruad. Entering contests doesnt mean you are going to win anything.. by entering you have a chance at your name beeing drawn where as if you dont enter you dont even have a chance. So not waste of time as long as you are entering legit contests. I dont bother with anything that requires sign up for newsletter or membership. I go for contests by big name companies (toys are us, Tv station, magazine, stuff like that) avoid sign up through facebook just mass marketing. Good luck!

  15. dilute13 says:

    I won a pair of bob marley headphones that were worth $85 and then I won $100 in another contest

  16. jayandmeg28 says:

    I just won a Downton Abbey prize package from Zoomer TV! So excited! This is my first win!

  17. edemom says:

    I won a travel tumbler from Silk

  18. vicrine says:

    I won an all-inclusive trip for two to the Grand Palladium White Sands Resort and Spa in Riveria Maya Mexico with Air Transat!  I entered on Facebook to win their “Dive Into Palladium” contest!  whooooooo!  omg I am so excited!  FIVE STAR!!!

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