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  1. momofun says:

    just started entering contests this week…it’s exciting to think about what could be!! this is actually fun… how many contests should you enter per day to start seeing wins?

  2. edemom says:

    I won an advanced reading copy of Triangles by Ellen Hopkins from Simon & Schuster.

  3. edemom says:

    I won a Heys 21″ Hardside Cruzr3 Ultra Lightweight piece of Luggage from Canada Dry.

  4. worldwinner says:

    i cant wait to win something i just entered now and and i entered like 50 contests already! WOW i got skill lol

    • mitchler says:

      ya me too! i just watched this show sweepstakers or something so cool winning prizes!
      in about 9hours ive entered every contest on this website and found a couple more websites and entered those as well.
      cant wait to win something cool WooooHooooo!!

  5. ipadjozi says:

    I’ve been on here about 2 weeks and got a call tonight that I had won a recipe book and a cooking show dvd. πŸ˜€ 

  6. rosearsenault1960 says:

    Been doing this about a month and won a one year family pass from Parks Canada

    • joseph66 says:

      ive been contesting for over 12 years -i have read everything there is on contesting- i never won a thing-i mean nothing til now i- i  won the suzy shier valentine contest . a limo ride to restaurant of choice limit of up to 100 klm. $150.00 visa card to pay for dinner. snd a $500.00 suzy shier gift card. i never gave up and always stayed positive one day i would win and i had fun doing it-cant say same for friends and family who think i waste my time and so when contests ask to refer friends i no longer do so-long time ago as everyone thinks contesting is a joke or not real. YES- I  WON!

  7. Liz_The_Babe says:

      I just joined the site, but prior to joining i just i won some Baseball tickets (gave to a friend) & a Nexus gift basket (still waiting for it to arrive though).
      Hope to be winning more now that i found this site πŸ˜€

  8. Patwins says:

    My first win – $25.00 e-gift card from Kelsey’s.  Very excited :-)

  9. chocobean says:

    I won a copy of Carte Blanche (book), from TORO Magazine. It’s hard covered, and very nice.

  10. supersweet66 says:

    I won a $25 itunes gift card and Kellogs Product last month – but it hasn’t arrived yet.  Yesterday I won a 1 year membership at the RBG through Facebook.  The nice people at RBG are just sending me a new membership card with an extra year tacked on as I just bought a member ship a few months ago.  And I just got an email today that I won a kids computer game (perfect for one of my kids) from Treehouse TV.  I have been doing this since Feb 2011, and almost exclusively through this web site. 

  11. channy32 says:

    I just won a trip for two to new york city and 500$ cash though!
    and two tickets to th shaw festival with 2 show tickets and a free wine tasting!

  12. jlovin91 says:

    Just got a call I won a $500 gift card from a landscaping company!!

  13. gwilson says:

    I won the Canadian Living June 2011 issue “Your chance to win” contest!!!
    Prize: 1 each from Tempur-Pedic, Cover Girl, Curel, Tassimo, Keri Lotion and Mephisto

  14. margr says:

    I won $1000.00 worth of gift cards.  Happy Day!!

  15. susan.pitman says:

    I won the Mother’s Day Prize pack of books from Simon & Schuster. 2 years ago, I won $20,000 from Schick. A very legal sounding letter arrived at my house by courier, with a pre-paid courier envelope to return the form in.

  16. cutepeanut says:

    I have won a $150 gift card from The Canadian Superstore and a Electronic Guitar Tuner.

  17. jafo2k says:

    Second win!   Tools from Dynamic Tools. ($80 value)

  18. Melahlberg says:

    When they call you that you won a trip do they ask for a credit card number and say there’s a registration or any fee for each traveler? I had that tonight and was very skeptical!

  19. syvanna says:

    I was wondering, if you do not check the boxes for addition promotions and newsletters, does this decrease your chance of winning?

  20. Hiddentalent1 says:

    Hi ,
     I won a pair of Pentax UCF x II Binoculors from Vistek weekly prizes . I do check out other similiar sites too to check for different contests .Started a month ago for fun trying to figure out a system LOL.  We will see if it happens again! Love to hear about ya all wins.

  21. jhmac says:

    I started filling out contests in November 2010. I have probably filled out about 300 or so and I haven’t won anything yet. I get a lot of spam, but I use a special contest email address I created so it doesn’t really matter.
    If I don’t win anything by November 2011, I will stop waisting my time.

    • Liz_The_Babe says:

        Awwww, don’t give up.  Sooner or later you will win something.  Quite possibly the longer you wait, the better the prize may be when you do win.

  22. sk10sk says:

    I won the V Tech contest. I won a Vtech portable phone and the Vtech V Reader!

  23. askher70 says:

    Win 1 of 5 Fruits & Passion prize packages from Best Recipes Ever.. i won this contest through a twitter contest that I found on this site. It arrived today. It is huge

  24. edemom says:

    Won a copy of The Liar Society

  25. Chantally says:

    BS I tell you. nothing but a crap load of junk emails. There was a contest I entered religiously for what seemed like months but no such luck. Starting to feel like a real waste of time here.

  26. sherzain says:

    Quick question about winning—–
    If you win and they call your house, do they leave a message if you’re not home- or are you simply out of luck if you’re not around???
    Also- has anyone had experiences with calls re: winnings coming from 1-800 numbers???
    Thanks for the help!

    • am-parker says:

      i have been getina alot of those 1-800 #’s lately too, Mostly i don’t answer because most of the time their telemarketers.
      I wish that they can just email to notify us!!

  27. jafo2k says:

    First Win… $100.00 Rona Card.. :)

  28. alaina says:

    January – Won Dom Volee’s Snowboarding Gear from Powder Room!
    February – Won Chatelaine’s Best Cookbook
    March – Won a meet and greet with Matt Dusk and VIP tickets to his concert.
    C’mon April!!!  Let’s keep the streak going!!!!

  29. kesgurl says:

    Win #5 for me
    The books that you have won are a copy of ” Conversations with Myself” by Nelson Mandela and ” Kitchen” by Nigella Lawson and is a value of $95.00! 

  30. Scam says:

    I won a camera.  I then returned it to Best Buy and they gave me a $650 gift card!  Then I bought a PSP among other things.

  31. liberty says:

    ho do i no what i won

  32. am-parker says:

    After entering contests since Oct, i have won a DVD “the Crazies/Pandorum”. I hust recieved it in the mail TODAY!!! FINALLY!!!!

  33. edemom says:

    I won a copy of Children of Bodom Relentless Reckless Forever Super Deluxe Set from

  34. edemom says:

    I won a copy of Rob Moir’s This is the Lite CD from Open Book Toronto

  35. shawe says:

    Just won a vtech prize pack (duel phone and vtech reader). I have been playing for a month so it is possible to win!!!

  36. says:

    I’ve been playing religiously for 2 and a half months and haven’t won a thing. I guess if I didn’t have bad luck I wouldn’t have any at all.

  37. mint11 says:

    4 months and nothing for me :(

  38. Jac says:

    I won!I won!I won!!! I have been entering though this site for the last 6 months. I won a $500 gift card from Town Shoes and a box full of Tana Shoe products. Thank you so much Tana, Sara Lee & to the Town Shoes consultants at Cross Iron Mills, Calgary – your the best!

  39. channy32 says:

    In October I was the winner of the Find a Mazda Win a Madza contest through ctv canada for so you think you can dance canada. I won a 2011 mazda2 (green!) a trip for two to toronto to the finale of so you think you can dance, meet and greet with the president of mazda, 3 nights stay at park hyatt hotel and 500$ spending money.
    Also won a v-tech power pack from leafs.
    Still going strong!

  40. townhousefamily says:

    I won the Mexx trip to the Swiss Alps!! 

  41. jaynel says:

    I just joined but thought I would let you know that in the past 12 months I have won a Sony Vaio laptop, a Pandora bracelet, $1000, a Sanyo video camera and a BCBGMaxAzaria tote bag!

  42. am-parker says:

    I have entered every contest since october and still haven’t won anything!! This sucks!!!

  43. Ann Noel says:

    I only started in the last month, but I won a double DVD.  Not something I really wanted but it has got me interested.

  44. edemom says:

    I won a “Within Temptation” Prize Pack from

  45. Ndn says:

    after 6 months of entering contests I finally won $30 in KFC gift cards!

  46. gwilson says:

    Why is Quebec excluded from so many contests?

  47. kesgurl says:

    I won the HOMEMAKERS NOVEMBER ’10 – JUST FOR YOU‏ contest which consisted of
    a prize pack from BioBest, Palmer’s and Aveeno
    Approximate retail value: $230.

  48. mambo says:

    Won 2 tickets to the advanced screening of The Mechanic… that was one good action movie!!!

  49. leannemv says:

    Just won and trip for 2 to any NHL game in Canada including flights and hotel. Thank you crown royal. I’ve been entering EVERYTHING for about 3 months… this is my second win. Also won tickets to Wedding fair in Vancouver from the local radio station.

  50. mazzalina says:

    Do we get charged anything?

    • gwilson says:

      no…I just replied to the email…verified my name, address and phone, answered a skill test question and that was it. I haven’t heard back from them yet. Do you think they are going to charge me for something? I’m new at this contesting.

  51. gwilson says:

    I’ve been contesting for about 3 months now and just received an email….I won the Steven and Chris Pet Value contest, a gift package and $1,000 gift card for Pet Value. My rotties, Rocky and Roxie, are going to enjoy this. So is my wallet.

  52. randy45 says:

    just won a PS3 from garnier

  53. edemom says:

    I won a John Tavares authographed CCM Hockey Stick from Source for Sports (ARV $250.00).

  54. joe69banks says:

    I just entered my name into about 20 draws in the past few weeks! I already won a 25$ Gift Certificate to Husky Gas Station…. Now I just have to get a car!

  55. margr says:

    I just won a book but its a kids book and i dont even remember enteting the contest.  I want to win a trip!

  56. syvanna says:

    I won two tickets to an advanced screening of a movie!

  57. shaunna says:

    Must be my lucky week.  I just got a phone call yesterday saying I won a pair of ski goggles!!!  LOL  I might actually have to take up skiing again.

  58. shaunna says:

    I won 4 tickets to the premier of Yogi Bear.

  59. sivam53 says:

    where do we find a list of winners?

  60. shibbymill12 says:

    LOL! I just won Clarins Vital Light Night Care Cream, I will most definitely be giving that to my mom XD

  61. edemom says:

    UPS just dropped off a beautiful Stella Artois Beer Pouring Kit!

  62. oddjob91 says:

    can you really win stuff or is this all B.S

  63. jdawg says:

    how do i know if i won. like i entered a bunch of them, and it also asked if i wanted to do it again tomorrow so i did, how does that work

  64. says:

    I havent won a thing. I am getting leary of these sites. I would be happy to win anything. (boo hoo)

  65. am-parker says:

    how do u know you’ve won?

  66. lthompson1955 says:

    Just won $100.00, daily prize on the Gay Lea Shortbread Bliss Celebration.

  67. lthompson1955 says:

    My first win.  12 bottles of Cold-FX.  Excellent product that I currently use.

  68. tanyacanning08 says:

    i have a question , when it says i simply for to entry what does that mean ? do i have to fill anything out ?

  69. edemom says:

    I just won a tshirt on icoke!

  70. HaleyE says:

    Won my first big prize last week! A ipod touch!!!
    Very exciting & modivating to keep entering contest, cause you never know!!

  71. 007bella says:

    whys it so hard to win ANYTHING?

  72. Clorissa says:

    So I just started entering contests 3 weeks ago…and I won the So You Think You Can Dance Canada grand prize……. a trip for two to Rio De Janiero, Brazil…and 1000$ in travellers cheques!
    And today i just found out I am a winner and a finalist in the Hygrade Un Paquet de Plaisir….. not sure how much I won yet though……. they r confirming it in the next two weeks!

  73. JKRAUS says:

    Just this week I won $250.00 in Wayspa Certificates and $100.00 in the Naked Grape Truth or Dare contest.  Being born on Friday the 13th I have always had BAD luck… but that seems to be changing in my old age apparently (fingers crossed)!

  74. pmccrackenator says:

    I won a trip to Toronto to see the Blus Jays play. Got 2 nights in a hotel, $1000 spending money, plus personalised Jerseys. My wife and I had the best time ever. Biggest win I have ever had.

  75. says:

    I won 6 DVD’s in the  Piranha 3D Contest by!

  76. Kimey1980 says:

    So I checked my emails today and I found out that I actually won something on the yummiemummie site… I won a book.  Now it doesn`t take me much to be happy, and let me tell you, I was excited to finally see that I won something.  Usually with the only ticket I still lose! lol πŸ˜€
    Makes me more determined to enter even more contests (I`ve entered hundred, but so has everyone else) so keep on trying people! πŸ˜€

  77. mambo says:

    OMG, just when I thought I’d never win anything, this morning Fedex delivered my V TECH phones to my door!! If u’ve never won anything just hang in there n it’ll happen like it did 4 me πŸ˜‰

  78. edemom says:

    I won the Canadian Tire/Mobil contest too!

  79. liz says:

    i want to win something i dont care what it is i just want to have the satasfactory that i won something

  80. ptanner says:

    This week I won $20 worth of gift cards from Canadian Tire/ Mobil.
    Every little bit helps….

  81. mattack2009 says:

    how do you know when you won something???????

  82. mattack2009 says:

    i entered every contest on the site and im waiting fro responses……..

  83. edemom says:

    Today I won a $50 grocery gift card (I chose The Real Canadian Superstore) from Mini Grills and a prize from Breyers.

  84. edemom says:

    This week I won a galley copy of Emeril’s Farm to Fork from Harper Collins and a copy of the FIFA 2010 World Cup CD from Sony Canada

  85. aly8887 says:

    I won 10x350ml of Canada Dry green tea….lol, $25 gift certificate from Sears, and a shaver from gillette but I’ve only been trying for two weeks…lol now I’m just waiting for my big break…lol

  86. oceancrazy says:

    I have been entering the contests for less then a week and I won A fishing reel and fishing package from the World Fishing Network.

  87. omigieosagie says:

    i have won notthing still waiting for the one i applied for.

  88. amoretto says:

    I haven t won anything per se yet.Could anyone tell me any interesting  Quebec contest sites?I d like to try my luck at them .Thank You! Marie

  89. katman says:

    I won a new Kia Spotage in 1996 just by entering online.

  90. ihavewoncoolstuuf says:

    i won nothing yet im still awaiting on my first but i didn’t join to win nothing so im looking forward

  91. Raymund says:

    I won the secondary Assassin’s Creed Prize Pack, consisting of Assassin’s Creed II T-shirt, Assassin’s Creed Renaissance paperback novel, and a harcover book of “The Art of Assassin’s Creed II”.  Excellent!  Very cool prizes!!

  92. TracyMorin says:

    Winnipeg Free Press- won a free Hedley CD in their weekly Gift of Music contest. Was a finalist for an iPod touch, but did not win that. argh!

  93. TracyMorin says:

    Won 2 tickets to So You Think You can Dance Canada and about a month later tickets(2) to an advance screening of Creation through local CTV Winnipeg website. Most of their contests you can enter only once and can win only once every 30 days.

  94. Raymund says:

    I won a 2010 Vancouver Olympics T-shirt from Wrigleys.  It fits me just fine!

  95. Raymund says:

    I won $500 in the Growers Apple Cider “Nudify Your Photo” Contest!

  96. TracyMorin says:

    Yummy Mommy – In May I won Free Tide and Downy for one year. 15 bottles of Tide and 5 bottles of Downy. $150 value

  97. TracyMorin says:

    Golden Stars contest – Won secondary Prize pack through $30 value

  98. TracyMorin says:

    Won Back to School Prize Pack from Yoplait. Included a backpack, insulated lunch bag, ice pack and coupons for Yoplait

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